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Randy Newman’s America, two episodes for BBC Radio 2

"In the first part of Randy Newman’s America, his two-part interview with Judith Kampfner on Radio 2, he used his piano to answer some of her questions...Kampfner was respectful, well researched and knew when to stop talking. He looked America in the eye and acknowledged its faults. 'It’s like the civil war never ended at the moment.'...I’ve saved listening to part two for the weekend as a treat.” [Miranda Sawyer. The Observer]

Tuning into the Enemy, BBC Radio 4

“Extraordinarily powerful radio. At its heart it had a terrific story to tell: the reconciliation of Paul Erasmus, a former member of the South African secret police and Roger Lucey, a musician banned and persecuted under the regime….Kampfner’s excellent programme highlighted the tremendous generosity of forgiveness.” [The Guardian]

Maids: The Untold Story, BBC World Service

"Judith Kampfner unfolds a horrific story of women in domestic service in Singapore, Hong Kong, Latin America and around the world. Far away from their families, they face daily abuse and have little protection under the law. Suicide, murder, rape, brutality, incarceration are some of the things she hears from her interviewees." [Gillian Reynolds for The Daily Telegraph]
"Maids: The Untold Story began with a nagging, obsessive memory. Presenter Judith Kampfner recalled that her mother had told her about a Chinese maid who had been drowned by the young sons of a British doctor in Hong Kong, where Kampfner was living. She had always wondered whether the boys were playing and didn't know what they were doing or - and she paused before saying this, as if to let a troubling thought back in after a while - "they routinely tormented their maid". Although the story made the local paper, no court case followed. Her recollection of this case gave Kampfner a strong sense of purpose as she searched out stories of maids' lives in Singapore and Hong Kong for her first programme. Journalism in its most admirable mode." [Elisabeth Mahoney for The Guardian]

Wheels and Stones, BBC Radio 3

“A lesson in composing radio features. Producer and presenter Judith Kampfner has the knack of building layers and textures without the finished programme ever feeling pretentious or unfriendly. Instead, it has a quiet richness.” [The Guardian]

The French Ball

"Capturing a scoop on tape as it's actually unfolding is every reporter's dream. Judith Kampfner succeeded in doing just that in The French Ball." [Sue Arnold for The Observer]


Albert Speer's Walk Around the World, by Michael Butt

Albert Speer's Walk Around the World featured a bravura performance from Patrick Malahide as Albert Speer, locked away in Spandau Prison, embarking on imaginary journeys in his mind. Chilling stuff, excitingly written, with real and virtual worlds overlapping and linked by Speers' guilt.” [Miranda Sawyer for The Observer]

Slaughterhouse Thirty Thousand, by Judith Kampfner and Mike Walker

"A rare example of an Anglo-American venture in audio drama" [Radio Times]

Imagining Them, by Meg Wolitzer, David Cale, and Wendy Spero, BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play

"It is a rare moment of cheer, stumbling upon a really terrific afternoon play...These were subtly overlapping accounts of being left behind after someone's death...It was the gathering together of the fragile reminiscences that lent this Afternoon play such unusual depth." [Elisabeth Mahoney for the Guardian]

The Ugly American, by Mike Daisey, BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play

“Mike Daisey’s story is highly amusing” [The Mail on Sunday]

The Veldt, by Mike Walker from Ray Bradbury's story, BBC Radio 4

"The effect of Mike Walker’s adaptation was heightened by stunning sound design, meriting a special mention for producer Judith Kampfner... Once or twice the sound was so realistic that it made me want to tear off my headphones - the aural equivalent of hiding behind the sofa.” [Tom Robinson for BBC Radio 4's 'Pick of the Week']

Dirty Tricks, by Jon Jeter, BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play

“Beautifully crafted radio” [The Guardian]

Voice Over

"The English version owes its flawless voice-over to a popular well known moderator, Judith Kampfner." [iTunes Red Riding Hood e-Book Review]
"...and Kampfner's voice, an unusual sensual treat blending soft, confident and just a tiny bit hesitant, was alluring." [Elisabeth Mahoney for The Guardian, on the two episodes of Maids: The Untold Story for BBC World Service]
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"I really admire Judith's imaginative approach to her productions, her attention to detail and to getting the story right from both the contributor's and the audience's point of view." [Jeremy Howe, Commissioner, Drama, BBC Radio 4]

"Both as drama director and documentary producer Judith Kampfner manages to get to the heart of the stories she makes for radio. In the documentaries this is due to the gentle and yet searching interviews that form the basis of the narrative. The structure that her imagination then places on that narrative to make it a compelling 'listen' draws the listener deep into the lives and minds of the people involved.” [Richard Bannerman, Former Editor, Documentaries, BBC. Executive Producer, Ladbroke Radio.]

"Judith was a delight as a director/producer as she knew exactly what she wanted, but left lots of room for collaboration." [Jennifer Van Dyck, Actor]

"I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Judith on several occasions for recordings with the BBC. The passion, persistence, precision, and sensitivity with which she approaches these projects is unparalleled. She brings the best out of the performers, and brings the best out of the material she works with." [Moti Margolin, Actor]


"Judith worked with original material I had created to write a play. She was enthusiastic but sensitive so I was comfortable to hand over to the material to her without restriction. My trust in her artistic judgement and her compassion proved to be sound and I was proud for my writing to have inspired her to write and produce a radio play." [Dan Re'em]

Public Relations:

"Judith Kampfner is one of the most professional creative people I have worked with. She has a proven background in arts management and arts media and has a very impressive contact list both in the USA and in Canada, in the arts and in the arts media." [Catrin Brace, Office for the First Minister For Wales in New York]


"I worked for Judith as a freelance radio producer/editor whilst we both lived in Chicago, producing a huge amount of material both for the BBC and US radio outlets. Judith taught me a huge amount about the art and craft of radio production (I had come from a more technical background). 
She is a brilliant producer, utterly professional and brimming with creativity. She has a great sense of humour and is lovely to work with even when doing long hours under great time pressure." [
Dave Harries, President of Communicate TV, UK]



"Judith has been a fantastic regular guest lecturer for over six years at Canterbury Christ Church, she has taken part and delivered seminars, lectures and workshop classes to BA students in Film, Radio and Television. She has coached students on individual documentary projects, talking about best practice in the industry, how to pitch stories as well as how to produce radio features and documentaries with strong openings and endings. Judith is able to draw on fitting examples from her vast archive of documentary work to keep the session fresh and engaging. She is able to do this by discussing relevant examples from her professional practice to outline such production issues such as compliance, difficult interviewee, sonic challenges, order of argument, structure and delivery. She has consistently brought to bear her exemplary professional practice as an award winning producer and presenter in order to coax, encourage, inspire and engage students to achieve work of the highest standards. I highly recommend her work and her ability to teach and share production skills to undergraduates and postgraduates alike." [Magz Hall, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University, Dept of Film Radio and TV, Canterbury, Kent, UK]

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